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Welcome to Century Healthcare website




Century Healthcare is a leading retail pharmacy healthcare provider with over 18 years experience of serving the whole of indonesia's diverse, yet unified community. We pride ourselves on our extensive network of over 400 pharmacies across all major cities in indonesia, as well as reaching out to rural heartlands too.

We are the first pharmacy healthcare provider in indonesia to employ full-time and fully-certified pharmacists managing daily pharmacy operations. Through the significant contributions of our in-house Certified Clinical Pharmacist team, who serve as full-time Training Managers, Coaches and Mentors, we provide our pharmacist network with continuous and comprehensive training on the latest pharmacy healthcare methodologies needed to combat a wide variety of diseases through proper medication and healthcare tips.

To advance our commitment to providing cost-effective, comforting and easy-to-administer healthcare solutions, coupled with the best expertise service and advice, we happily provide the following to all of our active customers :

  • Free delivery within specified pharmacy catchment areas.
  • 24 hours pharmacy healthcare services
  • Guaranteed product quality across our extensive range of health & beauty products
  • Free health consultation with our certified expert pharmacy team
  • Membership privilege

We are proud to serve over 1.000.000 active customers every month, with our ever-expanding customer base demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible healthcare service, especially through maintaining the complete range of health and beauty products. As part of this commitment, we ensure that our product range covers prescription drugs, OTCs, supplements, nursing care and beauty care to help make us a one-stop pharmacy healthcare service.